Successful All Hands Meeting Boosted By Vivoh Wallflower

January 31, 2024 - Rockville, Maryland -  A leading financial services authority purchased and deployed Vivoh Wallflower to boost engagement for their Delivery Services All Hands Meeting this week.

Vivoh Wallflower is a programmable, branded, interactive, enhanced gallery view for Zoom, which can be viewed as a Zoom participant and projected on a video wall.

Vivoh leveraged ZoomISO and Isadora, combined with their own event management software to rotate remote participants in a branded visual experience with emojis and transition effects. (The available chat function was not used for this event.) Wallflower automatically switched Zoom participants and the onsite producer was able to manually add and remove them, in real-time, via a mobile web interface.

As companies strive to enhance hybrid meeting experiences, Vivoh Wallflower brings remote and in-person participants together and keeps them highly engaged. Feedback from multiple on-site participants was positive regarding the impact of Vivoh Wallflower on the overall meeting experience.

About Vivoh
Vivoh is the leading provider of enterprise multicast video apps for all-hands meetings. Our customers include Financial Services, Energy, Government, and Technology companies that handle billions of network transactions every day. Vivoh protects their networks from the disruptive impact of live video. You can find us in the Zoom App Marketplace and the Webex App Hub or