AV1 Simulcast Technology Preview at the NAB Show NY

October 25, 2023 - New York City - Vivoh is previewing their forthcoming AV1 Sub-second Simulcast offering at the National Association of Broadcasters show.

Simulcast uses WebRTC technology to deliver multiple resolutions, bitrates, and color depths - all captured, encoded, and encrypted at the point of production then distributed without transcoding to users based upon their adapting network capabilities.

This architecture delivers the highest quality live streaming broadcasts at scale with low latency and end-to-end encryption. Server-side transcoding unnecessarily decrypts your content, adds latency, and reduces quality.

Vivoh has added AV1 codec support and WebRTC streaming to their flagship Vivoh Media Player, used by FINRA and two Fortune 500 companies for their CEO Town Hall webcasts.

Vivoh has developed a method of capturing and streaming live 10-Bit Quad HD (2560 x 1440) video at 60 frames per second, plus two additional HD resolution streams, all on modern Intel or AMD based PCs. No additional hardware is needed for Vivoh real-time Simulcast processing.