Video Webinar Multicast


Why Vivoh Multicast?

Vivoh scales your enterprise communications with multicast delivery.
Combine Zoom, Webex or Teams for unicast attendees with the Vivoh Multicast App for onsite attendees to scale your webinars.

Multicast Delivery

Unlimited enterprise viewers

Most Secure

No P2P. Multicast stays on site

Stable HD Video

Video quality never degrades

Low Latency Video

Enable real-time engagement
The Vivoh Video App in Webex-mode with integrated native Webex messaging
The Vivoh Video App in Zoom-mode with integrated Poll Everywhere messaging

Integration Details

  • The Vivoh Video Server receives video from Zoom, Webex, or MS Teams via RTMP
  • The Vivoh Webinar Manager converts video to multicast with FEC
  • The Vivoh Webinar Manager directs users to Vivoh if they support multicast
  • Users in non-multicast-enabled networks join Zoom, Webex, or MS Teams natively
  • The Vivoh App joins the multicast stream
  • Messaging is integrated directly into the App

Set up includes:

  • Installation of Vivoh server software
  • Deployment of the Vivoh Multicast App to desktops
  • Configuration of Zoom, Webex, or Teams to output via RTMP


Please try the player software then contact Vivoh on or 860-606-7878 for more information and to acquire a license to the software.