Video Webinar Multicast

The Vivoh Video App in Zoom-mode with integrated Poll Everywhere messaging

Integration Details

  • The Vivoh Video Server receives video from Zoom, Webex, or MS Teams via RTMP
  • The Vivoh Webinar Manager converts video to multicast
  • The Vivoh Webinar Manager directs users to Vivoh if they support multicast
  • Users in non-multicast-enabled networks join Zoom, Webex, or MS Teams natively
  • The Vivoh App joins the multicast stream
  • Messaging is integrated directly into the App

Set up includes:

  • Installation of Vivoh server software
  • Deployment of the Vivoh Multicast App to desktops
  • Configuration of Zoom, Webex, or MS Teams to output via RTMP


Please try the player software then contact Vivoh on or 860-606-7878 for more information and to acquire a license to the software.