Introducing Vivoh Broadcast

Vivoh is committed to providing the most scalable and secure system to broadcast video across enterprise networks. Now it is more simple than ever.

Vivoh Broadcast is software that can be deployed on Linux, via Docker, or as an ESXi virtual appliance. Vivoh will also provide a turnkey appliance for rent!

Corporate communicators can easily produce live video streams of webinars or town hall meetings using affordable BlackMagic ATEM switchers, which will send high quality video to Vivoh Broadcast software for internal distribution and Webex/Zoom/Teams/Meet for external attendees. One click sends the stream to Vivoh Broadcast. No software configuration is required for each event!

Vivoh Broadcast enables automatic failover from multicast to unicast and from Vivoh to Webex/Zoom/Teams/Meet all from a single link that can be published to all users. Your network will be protected even as tens of thousands of internal viewers join an HD quality live broadcast.

About Vivoh
Vivoh is the leading provider of enterprise multicast video apps for all-hands meetings. Our customers include Financial Services, Energy, Government, and Technology companies that handle billions of network transactions every day. Vivoh protects their networks from the disruptive impact of live video. You can find us in the Zoom App Marketplace and the Webex App Hub or