Vivoh Summer 2022 Engineering

We had a busy season this year with four fantastic engineers joining us for the summer to help us promote multicast technology and to enhance Vivoh products.

Lauren Delwiche - Lauren leads the Multicast Menu project and helped Vivoh understand how multicast video content can be discovered and made available via the AMT protocol. Lauren recently spoke at the IETF 114 conference about her work and will be starting college at Yale this Fall.
Natalie Landsberg - Natalie leads the AMT in VLC project and worked with Vivoh to help us understand the AMT protocol and to create a Python-based version with playback in the browser. Natalie recently took a full-time engineering position at CradlePoint, a networking equipment provider.
Reuben Pillai - Reuben helped Vivoh with AWS automation and monitoring which is used for Vivoh OnTime. This included building AWS EC2 instances, setting up Target Groups, Load Balancers, and Auto Scaling Groups. Reuben is now a rising junior at Loyola University Maryland.
Matthew Tran - Matthew wanted to dive into C programming by building a multicast relay. After Natalie ported her AMT library to Python, Matthew ported his relay to Python and helped Vivoh build out a Python-based AMT multicast player. Regarding his experience with Vivoh: "This internship was a wonderful learning experience for me ... I have learned so much about broadcasting video during the past six weeks and have gained confidence working under your guidance." Matthew is now a rising junior at George Mason University.

Vivoh is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such great people. Vivoh is eager to support the adoption of the multicast protocol with contributions to the open source community as well as with our commercial offerings.