Author: Erik Herz

We are excited to announce version four of our Vivoh Multicast App!

This version adds player skins to seamlessly support the broadcast of Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet video webinars.

Integrated Q&A and live captioning support with low latency video enables the industry’s only synchronous video webinar experience that can scale to tens of thousands of enterprise viewers without affecting your network.

Customers can also now add their logo and site colors to the Vivoh player to create an experience that compliments traditional webcasting platforms such as Brightcove, Intrado, Kaltura, On24, and Vimeo or even consumer livestreaming services such as Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. Vivoh protects the enterprise network for all of these services by converting them to multicast.

Enterprise communications has changed dramatically in the last year. It is now cloud-first, cost effective, and self-service. Everyone is now a host and creator of broadcast video.

Today’s enterprise video challenge is supporting the growing number of use cases for video webinars with a proliferation of video services. Each has its benefits and no one wants to give up the service that they use every day – even for a one-off large event. Hosts want to stay in the platform where they are most comfortable as creators.

Tomorrow’s challenge will be managing the infrastructure upon employee return. All large meetings will be hybrid. Most participants will stay at their desks. This means that each viewer may consume as much as 1 Mbps of live video during these meetings. How many such users can your internet gateway support? Will your branch office circuits support these streams? Will you deploy vendor-specific video infrastructure that can’t be used across the range of services that your business expects you to support?

Vivoh’s answer is to provide a multicast player that automatically adapts to match the look-and-feel of each video service. Customers stay in the services that they feel comfortable in for all use cases while Vivoh provides the backstop that prevents your enterprise network from failing and that allows you to support consistent HD video quality for your video webinars regardless of how many people are watching.

I would love an opportunity to show you our new player. Please reach out to me as I would be happy to jump on a meeting service of your choice to show you!

Today, Vivoh has released the third version of our multicast streaming video system which includes the Vivoh Multicast App, the Vivoh Webinar Manager, and the Vivoh Multicast Encoder.

Vivoh maintains HD quality at all times regardless of how many people are watching. Our multicast technology makes sure that your network is not affected by the load.

This version comes with unique and valuable features including the industry’s only desktop video player with forward error correction to mitigate packet loss on WiFi networks (even VLC does not have this).

Additional valuable features include the use of VP8 and Opus encoding technology that is broadcast on separate ports to enable differentiated QoS. No other webcasting platform does this.

The Vivoh Webinar Manager provides a unique, web-based, monitoring capability that shows the number of packets sent by the encoder to provide assurance of the health of the webcast at all times.

Similarly, the Vivoh Multicast App writes detailed analytics information, including packets received, to a local log file that is periodically pushed to a Splunk server. This enables administrators to measure the performance of the webcast for all users or even any individual user during the event. The use of Splunk for real-time webcasting analytics is unique to Vivoh and is in line with how modern IT organizations monitor the performance of other applications.

Our unique analytics workflow enables us to provide the most secure webcasting system possible. The Vivoh App literally has no inbound or outbound TCP connections, only a multicast join, so it passes InfoSec scanning without any issues.

Finally, we provide a workflow whereby your on premises video stream continues to flow even if your cloud provider or a service provider has an outage. All of the internal employees continue to enjoy HD video for the event regardless of what is happening on the internet.

If you would like to try Vivoh Multicast, please drop us a line on [email protected] or call 860-255-8788. Thank you!