Try the Vivoh Multicast App

The Vivoh Multicast System includes server, encoder, and player software.

Our server allows you to share one link to your users, which will start our encoder, pull the webinar video, and then redirect users to either the Vivoh Multicast App or to the native webinar app, for example Zoom. Our multicast encoder adds Forward Error Correction (FEC) to mitigate packet loss on WiFi networks.

However, if you want to simply see live video in our player on your Windows or MacOS PC, just follow these steps:

1. Install FFmpeg

2. Download a sample video file by right-clicking and saving this file (adena.webm).

3. Download and install the Vivoh Multicast Player for Windows or the Vivoh Multicast Player for MacOS.

4. Start FFmpeg with this command: ffmpeg -re -i adena.webm -strict 2 -vcodec copy -an -f rtp rtp:// -acodec copy -vn -f rtp rtp://

5. Click here to launch the Vivoh Multicast Player and view the FFmpeg multicast stream.