Vivoh Enterprise Content Delivery Network

Why Vivoh eCDN?

Distribute live and on demand video to your onsite employees globally without network saturation, which may cause office-wide connectivity to fail, poor video quality, loss of productivity, and user frustration.

The Vivoh eCDN is 100% on premises software with intelligent routing and best-in-class video caching technology. Hybrid options are available.

Why is this better than the Microsoft eCDN and Zoom Mesh?

  1. Zoom Mesh and Microsoft eCDN are expensive. Each user adds $0.50 for your entire organization. Vivoh eCDN offers flat rate pricing.
  2. Zoom Mesh and Microsoft eCDN require complicated changes to your network. Vivoh eCDN works with no change to networks.
  3. Zoom Mesh and Microsoft eCDN are peer-to-peer which breaks the Zero Trust security model. Vivoh eCDN is a pure HTTP proxy cache solution.

Vivoh eCDN Benefits

 CONTROL - Microsoft eCDN and Zoom Mesh are unpredictable. Network traffic spikes at the start of your live event. Bandwidth usage then fluctuates as users join and leave the mesh network.
 ZERO TRUST COMPLIANT - The Vivoh eCDN works with Zscaler proxies and endpoints. No host-to-host communication is required.
 SIMPLE FLAT PRICING - The Vivoh eCDN is not priced per user or per GB
 FLEXIBLE - Works with any streaming video platform or service

Contact Vivoh on or 860-606-7878 for more information and to acquire a license for the software.