Cloudflare Stream with Vivoh Multicast Edge

Cloudflare Stream supports RTMPS ingest from Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, or most video encoders, including WireCast and OBS. Many video streaming services do the same. What is rare is that they allow you to pull RTMPS from their service while others only allow you to pull HLS/DASH or to push to another RTMP server.

This is why we are so excited about Cloudflare Stream. Vivoh customers can easily deploy our 100% on premises software which will pull RTMPS from Cloudflare Stream and generate a local multicast broadcast of the Zoom Webinar.

Vivoh provides a Webinar Manager server as part of this software which allows you to publish one link to your webinar. This will launch the Vivoh Multicast App if users are on a local multicast network or the Zoom App if not.

Soon Cloudflare Stream will support WebRTC playback from the same RTMPS input stream. Combine this with the Vivoh Webinar Manager and now users can be directed to either the Vivoh Multicast App or a low latency unicast stream from Cloudflare that will work well in the browser on the desktop or mobile phones.

All other streaming solutions either do not scale well across both external and internal networks or provide high latency live video which prevents the desired real-time audience engagement of a webinar.

Soon Cloudflare Stream with Vivoh Multicast Edge software will make webinar streaming both compelling and scalable for today's hybrid work environment.