Vivoh MetaLink

Manage Overflow Between Multiple Webinar Services with One Link

Employee communications managers are faced with the difficult decision about which webinar platform they should use when publishing their links.

Uncertainty that leads to bad decisions when publishing your link:

  • How many employees will be attending the webinar
  • How many will be working from home versus the office
  • If any will be using unsupported viewing devices or networks
  • If any user will be blocked from using a webinar service

Bad outcomes of making the wrong decision include:

  • Users not able to attend the webinar
  • Poor user experiences as a result of inefficient network utilization
  • Overspending on unnecessarily large webinar licenses

The Solution: Vivoh MetaLink

Vivoh MetaLink enables multi-service webinars, lowering your costs and delivering the best user experiences. Webinar archives use the same link.

Vivoh MetaLink is serverless software that implements webinar-specific smart URL functions. It runs in Cloudflare which is massively scalable and secure.

Example Implementations