Introducing Vivoh MetaLink

Manage Overflow Between Multiple Webinar Services with One Link!

Today, webinar planning is complicated and stressful. Zoom Webinar comes in increasingly expensive capacity tiers and it is hard to anticipate audience sizes. Managing webinar archives and publishing new replay URLs is cumbersome.

Vivoh MetaLink enables multi-service webinars, including Zoom and Vimeo, lowering your costs and delivering the best user experience. Webinar archives use the same link. With Vivoh MetaLink, internal networks are protected from being overloaded with video traffic by enabling you to route these users to another service with scalable video delivery technology.

Vivoh MetaLink is serverless software deployed in CloudFlare which is the most scalable and secure global network available.

Vivoh MetaLink allows meeting planners to create and publish a smart URL for the webinar which will send some users to Zoom Webinar and others to a Vimeo event. They can set a threshold based upon their Zoom Webinar license. Vivoh MetaLink can route external users to Zoom Webinar and internal users to Vimeo. Another option is to send up to 3,000 users to Webex Event Center and the rest to a Microsoft Teams Live Event.

A critical best practice for meeting planners* is to use a custom landing page URL or URL shortening service just in case something goes wrong with the webinar and a new webinar event link needs to be created. This URL is also used to send users to the webinar archive. Vivoh MetaLink is easy-to-use, secure, and massively scalable.

Vimeo‚Äôs use of Streamroot technology means that Vimeo has a built-in way to scale video delivery for internal corporate networks (WebRTC P2P). Similarly Microsoft’s acquisition of Peer5 will bring the same technology to Microsoft Teams Live Events.

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