Employee Return News: November Congestion Expected

A list of recent articles and resources regarding employee return.

Our analysis concludes that a majority of US employees will be back in the office starting the week of November 1st. However, they will continue to use bandwidth-intensive video conferencing applications, like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams.

This combination will put a significant strain on enterprise networks. Too much video usage on limited circuits causes congestion. This will resemble the “VPN Meltdown” that happened when a majority of enterprise workers connected from home at the beginning of the pandemic. Many companies were not prepared then and these same companies are not prepared now.

Zoom is best prepared with features to help to mitigate this strain on the network but most employees will still experience poor video quality. Many will temporarily lose access to important applications as a result of the network congestion caused by Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams video conferencing and video webinars.

Vivoh converts a video webinar with 1,000 onsite participants from up to 3 Gbps back down to 3Mbps while maintaining HD quality for all participants. This makes all the difference when congestion is a concern.

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